People of Northeast Los Angeles: Rene Sanabria

My name is Rene Sanabria. I grew up here up here in the early nineties. I went to John Marshall High School. This neighborhood is home and I'm lucky to be able to patrol here. I'm an L.A. DOT bike officer.

I guess the best part of my life was growing up here; the community was little bit different than it is now. There were a lot of Cubans, a lot of Puerto Ricans. I'm Puerto Rican and I remember my father taking me over here. He had various friends around the neighborhood and I don't remember what streets they were, but I remember us coming down here and playing, just being around the Cuban and Puerto Rican vibe. If you're familiar with New York or Florida, the Puerto Rican and Cuban population, it's flourished over there. Every time I came here [to Atwater] it was like I was at home.

The above interview is transcribed and edited from the following interview:

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