This is part of a series examining the 710 Corridor and its impact in the surrounding communities, produced in partnership with the California Endowment.

The 710 corridor evokes freeway experiences filled with semi-trucks zooming to and from the port. While freeway anecdotes are common among Angelenos, it's also important to remember the freeway passes through one of Los Angeles' most densely populated zones. From it's Northeast entryway to it's southern terminus in Long Beach the freeway intersects through 19 communities-East L.A., Vernon, Maywood, Commerce, Paramount, Huntington Park, Bell Gardens, Lynwood, Compton, and Carson to name a few. Currently, there are efforts underway to expand the freeway lanes in order improve the flow of traffic on the 710. Departures will be documenting these efforts as well as those of community activists and environmental advocates as the 710 Corridor Project seeks community input about the future impact this project could have on the surrounding communities.


As part of our research, we are mapping important places that reflect the shifts and characteristics of the 710 Corridor communities. To better construct the narrative, we invite you, the community, to share stories, memories, and places of interest that you find important to include in the story of this vast urban region. Which places in the area are important to you, and why? Do you have any stories that relate to your neighborhood?