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LA River
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Riding Baldy Pipeline
The Primordial Push
Photo used under cc via Flickr user rkempjr
Tony Gin on Windward
Randy on Windward
Missak Parseguian
Mary Jo Braden
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Welcome to the Departures Community, a place where you get to explore Los Angeles through the stories and eyes of your neighbors.

Departures Community is where you get to upload your own stories – rather than listen to ours! - and guide us through your neighborhood. You can tell us where to go, what to eat, what to wear. You can help us remember what we’ve forgotten and help us understand where we are headed. Our goal is to peel back some of the layers that surround Los Angeles and reveal a collective narrative built out of memory and personal history.

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Recent Entries

The Island Recalled

The Island Recalled
I asked my Uncle if it did not disturb him to see the river in its cement coffin? He said "It did not". But it will forever disturb me. » continue reading

River Paint

River Paint
I paint the historic bridges along the L.A, River, including the colorful ever-changing tribal markings on the bridges, especially Upper Broadway, Spring St. Bridge, 4th & Sixth St. bridge. The small paintings I do right in the river with my... » continue reading

Floods & Frogs in the L.A. River

Floods & Frogs in the L.A. River
Yvonne Bartlebaugh grew up in Atwater and remembers the Los Angeles River before it was based with concrete. She used to spend time wading through the knee high water gathering tad poles. » continue reading

"Homie" Skateboard Day

from facebook A friend of mine named Gabriel Martinez recently moved to New York. So, we thought it would be a good idea to get one more downtown sesh. We didn't know how many people were actually down. We met... » continue reading

Scotland Trip

Scotland Trip
by callumjohnchristie (via flickr) well here is the story of the Scotland Trip I went on with a few buddies. two car loads of friends went on this trip and we skated everything we found, we even skate the pit... » continue reading
I photographed the LA punk scene from late 1978 until the end of 1983 when I felt like it was over & during th
good times. good times. I took a lot of pictures back then. my work was featured extensively in the film AMERI
Yes Joe interviewed Departures a while back and had us a draw our own map. We have invited him to write a few
Awesome idea! A guy named John Arroyo did something similar for his thesis project. The maps that people mad
The photos are amazing. I can't wait to see more!
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