Share Your Story at The Great Wall of Los Angeles

Share your story at the Great Wall of Los Angeles | Photo by Flickr user The City Project used under a Creative Commons license

KCET Departures invites you to participate in a StoryShare event at the Community Picnic Celebrating the Restoration of the Great Wall of Los Angeles. Take the opportunity to share your stories about the Great Wall, or how public murals have shaped your experiences in Los Angeles. Food trucks, music, poetry, and muralists will be there to celebrate the community that helped create the mural.

The event takes this place this Saturday, September 17th, 3pm-6pm at The Great Wall: Coldwater Canyon between Burbank Blvd. & Oxnard St. off 170 Fwy in North Hollywood.

With a length of 2754 feet, The Great Wall is one of the longest murals in the world. Designed by Judy Baca of SPARC in 1976, the work for the mural was carried out by over 400 community members, many of them at-risk youths, over the course of 13 years. SPARC and its founder Baca has been a frequent collaborator with Departures, with the Great Wall providing the original inspiration for the feel and look of the digital murals that adorn each chapter of our neighborhood installments.
Artist Sonya Fe by Flickr user The City Project. Image is used under a Creative Commons license.

Departures StoryShare is an ongoing series of community events aimed at recording the stories of individuals who have strong personal memories and history attached to their neighborhoods. Our goal is to create a collective narrative cartography of neighborhood stories by exposing the subjective and personal history through the eyes of community members.

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