L.A. River StoryShare: December 4th

On behalf of Councilmember Ed Reyes and KCET, we would like to invite you to participate in KCET's Departures LA River StoryShare Initiative.

Departures StoryShare is an ongoing series of community recording events aimed at capturing the stories of individuals who have strong personal memories and history attached to their neighborhoods. Our goal is to create a collective narrative cartography of neighborhood stories by exposing the subjective and personal history through the eyes of community members.

Photo taken by Venice Paparazzi

The stories collected will be recorded through video and audio. Interviewees are encouraged to bring in photos or materials for scanning/sharing. During and following the L.A. River StoryShare events, the public can upload personal stories to the KCET story platform.

Our first recording event is scheduled for Saturday, December 4, 2010, which is the opening celebration for the Elysian Valley Pedestrian/Bike Path. We invite you to participate with KCET and Councilmember Reyes for this historic documentation of life along the river. Please sign up below as more information will follow.

Directions for car, bus and bicycle

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Exploring LA on 4 Wheels


The Primordial Push

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Awesome idea! A guy named John Arroyo did something similar for his thesis project. The maps that people made area beautiful: http://colabradio.mit.edu/?cat=95


Yes Joe interviewed Departures a while back and had us a draw our own map. We have invited him to write a few words about his project for KCET Departures and (we hope) will be available soon.