Photo taken by Venice Paparazzi
September 12th, 2010 KCET Departures held a StoryShare event at SPARC to collect people's personal histories and anecdotes from Venice.

Click below to view their stories:

David Healey - Drum Circle

Colleen O'Mara Diamond- Volunteering

David Healey - Pam's Story

Laura Goldin - Skating with Zingers

Linda Giella - My Venice Stories

Liz Leshin - Cult of Venice

Mary Jo Braden - Growing Up in Venice

Missak Parseguian - The Human Side

Phyllis Hayashibara - Japanese American Memorial Marker

Tasha Oldham - Power of Storytelling

Tony Gin - Desire to Enlighten

Venetia Phillips - Nature of Music

Myia Davar - Cloud Divide

The StoryShare was sponsored in part by SPARC, 826LA, Venice Historical Society, Venice Media District and Venice Arts.

Departures StoryShare is an ongoing series of community recording events aimed at capturing the stories of individuals who have strong personal memories and history attached to their neighborhoods. Our goal is to create a collective narrative cartography of neighborhood stories by exposing the subjective and personal history through the eyes of community members.