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While the Full Dollar Collection of Contemporary Art is housed at Outpost for Contemporary Art in Highland Park and viewed 24/7 via KCET Departures, its founder X. Andrade is miles away in Quito, Ecuador.

X had set certain parameters and expectations for the collaborative project through his art practice in Ecuador, but we had never actually talked to him or seen him face-to-face.

Above is the first in a series of Skype conversations with X, in which we try to translate the nature of this project (and its methods) to the particular social, cultural and aesthetic realities of Highland Park.

X. Andrade. Courtesy of

The beauty of this project is that it isn't confined to the walls of a gallery or a museum--it is rather an open exploration into the changing nature of Los Angeles.


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This is impressive. I haven't heard of Andrade before but I wish him more success.