I Was Sooo Punk

by Dino Everett

I grew up in New Hampshire and got into punk at an early age by idolizing some of the older kids in the neighborhood who played in bands. One of them Kevin, eventually became GG Allin but that is a different story. Anyway my mother moved us to Florida in the summer of 1978, which culturally was like moving back through time, there was not much of a punk scene yet. Because of this it became easy to spot people who were like minded as they were either getting beat up, or laughed at....I wound up making friends with folks older than me and they started taking me to shows. Surprisingly there was a number of shows that would come to FL like The Ramones, etc. The following summer I turned 15 and got my learning permit, which in those days meant I could drive until they caught me, which they never did, but it was easier to get to shows and get into the clubs since the drinking age was 18. I was born in 1964 so I just scratched the 4 on my license into a 1 and was instantly 18 and headed to the clubs..

One of the first shows I went to with my new id and driving mobility in 1979 was Joan Jett & the Blackhearts opening for Iggy Pop. I went with a friend of mine who was a Joan Jett fanatic. Prior to the show Iggy (who introduced himself as Jim) was even trying to hit on her, but she actually said "Yeah I just came to see Joan Jett." Iggy was not in the best of health these days anyways if you know what I mean. In fact later that night after the show he dropped his pants backstage and the bouncer guy pummeled him..Anyway the next day Iggy had apparently wound up at a friend of mine's house and now needed a ride to the airport so my friend called me. I was soo punk in those days so I replied with a big "F*ck no, I', not coming all the way out there and then driving all the way to the airport." I've made some bad decisions in my life...The day I didn't drive Iggy is probably one of the big ones...


Suzanna Regos


What's your Punk moment?