"Who's Got Punk" Winner...

KCET Departures has been calling for punk rock stories to whom we would be able to award three lucky winners a signed copy of "The Beautiful and the Damned", a compilation of punk rock photos produced by Ann Summa. We received some great stories and Summa has graciously chosen the top three.

Runner up

Runner UpSuzanna Regos, by Suzanna Regos. Ann Summa: "Love the go-go dancing for Elvis Costello with Suzanna Hoffs..her fantastic fifteen minutes of fame. And I shot a truly horrific catalog for the Village Mews, lots of striped spandex and sunglasses made of horizontal strips of plastic. Madness was also one of my faves; my husband won a black and white TV, a door prize at one of their Whisky shows."

Runner UpBored Punks in Trouble, by Antonio Lopez. Ann Summa: "A good narrative, and I like the point of view; the political side of punk. Not only is it well told, it's also funny."

Grand Prize Winner

Grand PrizePunk Spring in Los Angeles 1979, by G. Morgan. Ann Summa: "I love the part that happens in the Masque; The Go Gos talking about making it in Japan is hilarious. Everyone was struggling to make a living and many saw Japan as the Golden Land of Opportunity. The part of her story that really strikes me is being locked inside the Masque with the three malevolent guys. It brought back memories of that creepy warren of ratty rooms under the beautiful upstairs facade. I could feel her fear and panic, adrenaline then relief, having one through something similar myself. Just kidding? Yeah right. But, it also brings back the craziness of our youth, taking chances, feeling liberated as a female, something that the whole "movement" came to symbolize."

Other Great Submissions

Although the contest is over, we still invite you to submit your punk rock story, or even a personal story about Chinatown. There are many wonderful and obscure stories of Chinatown out there such as what it and punk rock have in common.


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