Suzanna Regos

by Suzanna Regos

My #1 Story: Dancing in a go-go cage for Elvis Costello. He played a week-long gig at the Beverly Theatre where he spun a wheel and played whatever song it landed on; the wheel determined his set list each night. I had met him through my friends in The Plimsouls. At the end of the show (encore?) I danced in the cage with Susannah Hoffs from The Bangles--it was Suzanna and Susannah. I still remember I wore a zebra stripe skirt my friend Tony--who had a store called Straitjacket on 3rd and used to be married to Elvis Costello's manager--made me (I still have it) and orange vintage pumps. Chris Cuffaro shot pics and I tried to get copies, but he had to give everything to the record company and I couldn't find the pics at his studio before he had to turn everything in (I'm still hopeful that I will get them one day). A few nights later I was in the bathroom at the Lingerie and this girl goes to me, "hey, weren't you dancing in the go-go cage at Elvis Costello?" That was my one and only Warholian moment--my 15 minutes of fame.

other memorable moments:

*The Cramps' (my boyfriend at the time was best friends w/drummer Nick Knox) Halloween show in Reseda where we met Maila Nurmi, aka Vampira; she was kind enough to pose for pics and give us all her autograph, which I still have.

*Seeing Blondie at the Starwood. I was invited by a record company friend and got VIP seating--I came down with the flu during the show.

*When The Jam played the Starwood, the record company hired a double decker bus which took us all for fish & chips on the westside, then to the show.

*Madness playing at a tiny punk rock clothing store in Westwood called The Village Mews.

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