Exploring LA on 4 Wheels

Years ago, really before I even was able to drive, we made excursions into L.A. to seek out skate spots we saw in various videos, from Kenter Elementary, Venice Beach, Downtown LA, everywhere and anywhere. We were also on the hunt for new spots. Always had someone else driving, and we would just "point the car and go". On a mission to discover something outside of the Orange Curtain. It was always fun, meeting new people, avoiding the nut bars, and running from the cops or the security guards. We never understood why they were chasing us off, it's not like they were using whatever we were skating, or hell, even were open. It's almost like the guards thought they had to do it or were just that bored to chase after a bunch of kids trying to stay out of trouble. The worst part is, that the more they chased us off, the more it made us determined. There were several "1 run" spots in Downtown LA that we would line up, do one trick, go to the next spot, then come back and do another. Street skating in Downtown LA (amongst other locales) became a bit of guerilla warfare for us. I don't know how many times we ran to some restaurant just to hide out from whoever, only to get chased out by the manager of that place because we were putting soda into our "water" cups. Man, there was a lot of fun to be had.
I'll also never forget the first time we went to Venice Beach with my dad, my friends, and my brother. It was just so ... well... Venice. We met Harry Parry, he of course sang songs, then we just skated on. I still remember the song he sang for us "Too Much Steak and Chocolate Cake". Great times, even though we really weren't allowed to skate anywhere. I think in a lot of ways, it's gotten better for today's kids, but it's also gotten worse because the cops and security guards they they have something to hang over their heads with "we gave you this spot, so we're taking your board". It's lame, and a lot harder. I really truly believe, that if you just let people skate and have fun, there wouldn't be half the problems that exist in the world. Skating is a great outlet and still misunderstood, even though it's much more popular now than it was when I was a kid. Kids need a positive outlet, and if they don't have it, or are stifled, then you are gonna get more problems on the streets.

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