"Homie" Skateboard Day

from facebook

A friend of mine named Gabriel Martinez recently moved to New York. So, we thought it would be a good idea to get one more downtown sesh. We didn't know how many people were actually down. We met up at our local Garvanza Skate Park in Highland Park. Turns out more people had love for Gabe.

32 people all together had come to barge around downtown with us. So we all skated to the train and made our way. When we got off, we were yelling and screaming. Doing tail scrapes and slappys. We were just going wild! There was cars honking left and right. I soon realized we created our own "homie go skateboarding day." We made it to the famous downtown triple set. Security couldn't do anything. About 3 of my friends ollied it real fast.

We found ourselves coming up to the big Grand St. hill. We timed the light and we were off. Bombing hills is my favorite, so I was up towards the front. Half way down I look behind me to see a swarm of homies gunning it behind me. 2 dudes ended up eating it. But, cops and traffic didn't know what to do but watch.

We were on this barge for like 4 hours. At least half of the dudes we were with were older. So in the end we all rushed a Chinatown bar. Us being 30 deep, they didn't realize some friends and I had snuck in with the crowd. The rest is history! To this day its been one of the best memories you could have.

Without skateboarding I wouldn't have the great friends that I have today. I love all those dudes too! Every one of them is so crucial to a good skate day. We hype each other up so much. It's the best thing ever! With them, I wouldn't have had all these memories like this. From landing a trick, to getting hurt, to getting into trouble. Its all so fun. I don't know where I would be, or who I would be without a skateboard.


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