Riding Relentless

I'm old, scarred and banged-up from skating. Now in my late-40s, I still get skate (a little) and regularly embarrass myself in front of new generations of skaters. I've been at it for well more than three decades and the sad truth is, I've just never been very good... but that never stopped me from having a total blast. This weekend I just had another birthday, and I simply asked my wife for some time on my 'special day' to skate. For a quick rush, I sometimes hike the trails of Griffith Park and skate down the road from the Observatory. I decided I'd do just that for my birthday. I did it a few times since it was my 'special day'...but it's a small loop. I think the Rangers got a kick out of it, because they kept seeing the same old guy. I blew past them, gnats collecting on my teeth as I couldn't contain my smile.



Sometimes I go back to the places of my youth around LA, the old elementary schools, drainage ditches, parks, etc. to connect with a previous life, and, perhaps, gain a few new scars. Skating is a way to connect with the community around you. You look at everything, but architecture in particular, in a new way...and it's a great way to get chased by the local security guards! Here's a couple of clips of an old skater's recent exploits from around Los Angeles. Places like Baldy Pipeline, that the Dogtown Boys pioneered in the 70s, or just my local downhill in Los Feliz. I hope my kids don't have to log as much hospital time as I've had, or have as many hassles with the cops, but I DO hope they skate. I've got a few old boards stashed for them, just in case. '-)



Billy scraped up Ride on, Billy Savage - Los Feliz


The Primordial Push


The Harpist and the Station