Scotland Trip

by callumjohnchristie (via flickr)

well here is the story of the Scotland Trip I went on with a few buddies.

two car loads of friends went on this trip and we skated everything we found, we even skate the pit stops as we went.

berwick upon tweed mcdonalds

the first place we stopped was Edinburgh and we skated at the houses of parliment ledges and a few other street spots.

house of parliament ledges potters row port CNV00009

then we went to Edinburgh skatepark which was one of many good parks that we visited.

Edinburgh Skatepark CNV00013 CNV00009

on the first night we camped at a skatepark but by the time we arrived it was too dark then it started to rain which we were pretty bummed out about but on the second day we skate Unit 23 which is a great indoor park in Dumbarton.

camping at Dunblane unit 23

That second night we camped on the shores of loch lomond which was a chiller spot, we had a camp fire and in the morning we went for a swim in the icy cold loch

loch lomond Thornton and Pigieon

on the final day we skated Renfrew in Glasgow and Livingston skatepark which was an absolute blast then went back to Edinburgh to drop people off at the train station, it was a great afternoon to be in the city and we did the more touristy thing as well as some mad hill bombs.

Team scotland 2010 Callum hill bomb Edinbrough CNV00011


The Harpist and the Station


"Homie" Skateboard Day