'Dreamscapes' by D.J. Waldie

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This entry is part of the "Map Your L.A." contest: Click here to view larger version in new window. Celebrated author and critic, D.J. contributed his own personal map of Los Angeles titled "Dreamscapes." The maps draws on the many changes of this SoCal metropolis from the Ice Age to present day in overlapping vibrant colors and text.

You too can share your power of place by mapping your L.A. as you see it, with a chance to win a cool prize and be included in our mapping compilation book.

About the Author

D. J. Waldie is the author of "Holy Land: A Suburban Memoir" and "Where We Are Now: Notes from Los Angeles," among other books about the social history of Southern California. He is a contributing editor for the Los Angeles Times ...
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This is actually really cool. Everyone has a different perspective on LA!