Contest Entry: "L.A. as Basecamp" by Zach Behrens

This entry is part of the "Map Your L.A." contest: Click image to view larger version in new window. Zach Behrens, Blog Editor for KCET, submitted this map for the "Map Your L.A." contest. Zach's map simply, yet creatively uses space to identify topographic features in Los Angeles in relation to their direction from Downtown L.A.-- the base of this submission.

Where's your base? You too can share your power of place by mapping your L.A. as you see it, with a chance to win a cool prize and be included in our mapping compilation book.

About the Author

Zach Behrens is KCET's Director of News, Region and State, working on digital and on-air news products that relate to Southern California and beyond.
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