'West Side Life' by Christianna Rheinhardt

This entry is part of the "Map Your L.A." contest: Click image to view larger version in new window. Christianna, KCET's Public Kitchen writer, shares her life on the west side of Los Angeles. In her personal map "West Side Life" Christianna illustrates her favorite beach, people watching spot, and other important places adjacent to the "lesser southland."

You too can share your power of place by mapping your L.A. as you see it, with a chance to win a cool prize and be included in our mapping compilation book.

About the Author

Christianna Reinhardt started cooking at age 11 when her parents enrolled her in a vegetarian cooking class. She wasn’t a vegetarian. In adult life, she got her start in New York’s kitchens interning at Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill, an...
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