Extraordinary Women From Your Community - Week Four

Throughout Women's History Month, Departures is highlighting extraordinary women from our neighborhoods. In addition to our picks, each week we are featuring notable women from your community, as suggested by you. They are presented with a colorful typographic poster presented in their honor.

So help us in honoring this week's Extraordinary Women from Your Community

Dr. Elster was a married Mom with three teenage boys when she returned to UCLA to obtain a teaching credential. Nearing completion of her degree she volunteered with a Professor of Archeology and fell in love--not with the professor, but with the field.of archeology. She switched her major and at age 50 completed her academic work for a PhD.

Now 86, she has become responsible for publications at the Lloyd Cotsen Archeology center after years of digs in sites all over the world, looking for evidence of civilizations of early man. She has friends from her world travels who visit not just the center but Dr. Elster herself and who find her so enchanting that they become friends for life; She has published, with a renowned British archaeologist, a massive work on a prehistoric archeological site, and keeps office hours at UCLA several days each week, editing work by a former UCLA professor.

A widow, she has continued to support her late husband's interest in environmentally friendly products (he owned one of the first electric cars) and campaign finance reform, has a very busy social life, and the energy and enthusiasm of a 30 year old.
-From Ann Lane
Ann Joslin is a huge-hearted supporter of her local community in and near Claremont, CA. During her long tenure at the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden, she tirelessly promoted RSABG's mission to conserve native California plants. In the tradition of RSABG's founder, Ann expended tremendous effort creating new and interesting ways to draw public interest and support for the Garden's mission and its unique status as California's only exclusively native plant garden. After her retirement as RSABG's Visitor Services Director, Ann deepened her involvement in the Claremont Community Foundation. She now lends her experienced hand and creative ideas to raise funds and awareness for and about charitable causes in Claremont. Most recently she has reached out to expand the advancement of the Sam and Alfreda Maloof Foundation in Upland, which showcases the home and furniture creations of America's incredible master woodworker, Sam Maloof. With Ann's kind, patient, and positive guidance, the SMF hosted its first-ever formal fundraising event-- a delicious success and a huge "can-do" step forward for the fledgling foundation. Ms.Joslin's love for her community is evident not only in her achievements, but in the way she treats everyone around her- unfailingly modest, compassionate and giving, in big ways and small, to all she comes into contact with.
-From Krista Von Stetten
Venice Beach's "Green T" Tsunami Tamara shares her HOPE (Healing Our Planet Earth) on GreenTwithTamara.TV. She is also my muse.
-From Steven C. Barber
Terri is the Outreach Chair for the Historic Highland Park Neighborhood Council. One of the most dedicated community activists we (the Haggus Society) have ever met. She and her family reach out to the entire community, in the spirit of service and care. At Thanksgiving last year, Teri and her husband collected enough food and turkeys via their own private efforts to secure complete holiday meals for 28 area families in need. At Christmastime, Teri and family spearheaded the community holiday festival reaching out to 200 needy families. Food bags with nutritious groceries and toys were given away along with holiday photos with Santa. Leftover bags of food were divided up between various homeless and battered women shelters. These are only two small examples of what Teri and her family do for the community. Teri is an inspiration and fine example of what it means to be part of a community.
-From Terri Lloyd

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