Extraordinary Women From Your Community - Week Three

Throughout Women's History Month, Departures is highlighting extraordinary women from our neighborhoods. In addition to our picks, each week we are featuring notable women from your community, as suggested by you. They are presented with a colorful typographic poster presented in their honor.

So help us in honoring this week's Extraordinary Women from Your Community

She has started and runs a non-profit, Heal One World (healoneworld.org) since 2009, as a unpaid executive director. She donates over 15 hours a week to treating patients, also at the Venice Family Clinic, and over 25 hours to running the non-profit, managing 15 interns and volunteers who give yoga, meditation, tai chi and more classes in Spanish as well as English--for free--in a under served area near Pico-Union. She also started a film festival, awarenessfilmfestival.org which is a fundraiser for the non-profit and is growing in leaps and bounds. Her real job is a filmmaker, and her most recent film was Plastic Tide, a short documentary on Plastic Pollution in her island home of Maui. She is extraordinary, and I don't know how she is able to do all she does!
-From Caitlin Thomas
Eve Brandstein, a former casting director for Norman Lear, has for more than 20 years run events and showcased local writers, actors, poets through Beyond Baroque in Venice. She serves as mentor, presenter and coach and cultural protector for working artists across Los Angeles. As a director and producer she has produced shows at the Odyssey and dozens of other local venues, and her focus has been to strengthen the voices of women, minorities and the persecuted. You can find out more about her at EveBrandsteinProductions.com and by contacting Beyond Baroque. She epitomizes the power of the arts to strengthen and transform, and she embodies the insight and determination that make artists in our community a powerful force worldwide.
-From Nancy Fulton
Terri Lloyd works very hard with her team in The Haggus Society, a non-profit feminist art collective for women over the age of 40. The Haggus Society recognizes that many creative women over the age of 40 are under-served in the arts and society. These women are often overlooked because of gender bias, age, lack of credentials or professional affiliations, regardless of exceptional talent. The Haggus Society endeavors to provide support and programming for these women. To learn more about the collective, visit the website here.
-From Monika Mori
Besides being an excellent firefighter-paramedic, Captain Gerlich is the commander/director of the world-famous CERT program and has trained thousands of Southern Californians to be better prepared and to help one another in their community in the event of major disasters (especially quakes). The CERT program is part of LAFD's Disaster Preparedness Unit, headquartered at Fire Station 88 in Van Nuys.
-From Andrew Leung
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