Extraordinary Women From Your Community - Week Two

Throughout Women's History Month, Departures is highlighting extraordinary women from our neighborhoods. In addition to our picks, as suggested by you, each week we are featuring notable women from your community on our site with a colorful typographic poster presented in their honor.

So help us in honoring this week's Extraordinary Women from Your Community

Allison is an amazing bicycle advocate. She worked at the Los Angeles County Bike Coalition and was essential in getting bike kitchens in Downtown Los Angeles to operate and serve low income and multicultural cyclists. She has done a lot of work to assure that people of color and non heterosexual people are included in the bicycle movement.
-From Laura Torres
Ceci is on the board of the Cornerstone Theater. She is on the Elysian Valley Neighborhood Council. She is part of the key group working to reduce Metrolink pollution in the river neighborhoods of Elysian Valley and Cypress Park. She is an active member of her church. She participates with her local girl scout troop. She involves her teenage grandson in many activities. She volunteers for FoLAR's Great Los Angeles River Clean Up, as well as LACBC's L.A. River Rally. She was interviewed for KCET Departures.
-Karen Flores
Also featured on Departures L.A. River & on the "Thirty-One Days of Extraordinary Women" calendar.
Melanie is the most dedicated advocate for restoring the Los Angeles River I know. Many people support beautifying the river, increasing access, enhancing the watershed. Very few truly take a public stand for restoration. She has held true to her positions regardless of which way the wind was blowing, regardless of what other people have said, through thick and thin of ridicule and adulation. And she does this on a wispy hair's breadth budget. She is the founder of the River Project.
-From Jessica Hall

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