L.A. in Motion, a series exploring transportation equity in Los Angeles, is produced in partnership with the California Endowment.

What do we mean by "transportation equity?"

Indeed, this is often a difficult concept to define, as it must capture a broad range of issues facing the Southland -- from transit-oriented development to bicycles to goods movement. But we at PERE believe that the following definition does just this by highlighting outcomes (both benefits and burdens for our communities) as well as the importance of public participation in planning processes.

Based on community input and research from PERE's report, "An Agenda for Equity: A Framework for Building a Just Transportation System in Los Angeles County," transportation equity means:

  • Equitable access to quality, affordable transportation options and so employment, services, amenities, and cultural destinations;
  • Shared distribution of the benefits and burdens of transportation systems and investments, such as jobs and pollution, respectively; and
  • Partnership in the planning process that results in shared decision-making and more equitable outcomes for disadvantaged communities while strengthening the entire region.

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