Recent Stories

"Train Noise Day & Night" by Susan Rocha

"My story is about train noise and train air pollution with the diesel and trying to get those things stopped."

"L.A. River Walk" by Raul Martinez

“We would come down to the river and they would have tadpoles, frogs, and all kinds of fish, little and big fish.”
Arthur Langdon's Historical Photos

Arthur Langdon's Historical Photos

My family moved to Studio City November 1941 when I was 2 years old. The then unpaved river was a source of adventure, fish, crayfish, egrets and herons plus firewood, sand and gr ...

"Sleeping Frogs" by Patricia Perez

“I would like to collect a large bucket full of frogs, bring them home, stroke their throats one at a time...”

"The Big White Monolith" by David Zaith

“Everyday, I'd take the Metrolink into Downtown LA and I remember it would pass over a bridge and I'd see the big white monolith of the LA River.”

"How I Found the L.A. River" by Norman Ludlow

“The thing I really like about this area is that you really deal with people, people respond to you...back at the Rose Bowl, I'd run past people and there would be nothing... ...

"A Place of Architectural Consequence" by Michael Lehrer

“The river was so never a part of the equation, it wasn't even a part of your mindset. It wasn't like 'I live next to the river' ”

"Milking the River" by Steve Appleton

“The river pathway has been its [Elysian Valley] de facto main street for sometime.”