Recent Stories

"L.A. River Fly Fishing" by Jim Burns

“We have carp that are 5, 10, 15, 20 pounds. They are a lot of fun, they are great game fish.”

"The Troll Bridge" by Barbara Burke

“We used to take them down to what was the old wooden bridge and we used to call it the Troll Bridge.”

"Riding the L.A. River" by Michelle Mowery

“The folks that didn't have any place to go and the folks that really didn't want to be a part of society...the bad boys if you will, and it felt that way. It was a creepy pl ...

"Joe Got Me into the L.A. River" by Erik Alcaraz

“He told me to take the time to explore the river because I was going to find a lot things I've never seen before.”

"Our River, Our Future" by Deborah Weintraub

“And personally the reason it excites me as an architect is I see it as a way to link many communities through a natural system.”

"Hot Sue" by Matt Huffman

“Hot Sue was this real big old horse and she didn't like it being hot.”

"Lifeguard Bike Commuter" by John Baltz

“A lot of what happens, from what the river produces... it shuts down our whole operation...”

"Four Generations in Elysian Valley & L.A. River" by Reymundo Dominguez

“At the age of 7, a few of my friends got together and got some pallets and made a raft.”