Recent Stories

"Constructing the Bike Path" by Ferdy Chan

“The technical portion is not that difficult...The main challenge was to get all the necessary easement...The project is actually owned by over 100 different property owners. ...

"Crossings" by Ryan Griffin & Friends

“It is about friends and connections...It is about being blessed by water and the passage of time...It is about being sisters and brothers...”

"20 Years Later" by Scott Wilson

“I grew in Oregon and I know what a river is suppose to look like and we've been trying to fix this one so it looks a bit more naturalistic.”

"North East Trees Story" by Aaron Thomas

“Sometimes we only room to put in one bench, one rock and a tree and we would call that a park because essentially it is a place where you can ride your bike, stop and take a ...

"The First Graffiti Piece in the River" by Raul Frame Gamboa

“I think the first piece did was dedicated to my then girlfriend, Patty Love, and from then on we made it a weekly mission to go into the L.A. River to paint on the walls...& ...

"Reconnecting to the River Through Fly Fishing" by Carlos Rodriguez

“Growing up as a kid, on the border of San Fernando and Pacoima, in order to cross over to go visit your friends, you would have to cross through the river...”

"Living on the L.A. River" by Grove Pashley

“I searched for about nine months, day in and day out. This one house I happened to buy was on the market for three hours.”

"Jozie The River Dog" by Sue Talbot

“Jozie is only thirteen, but she's been coming to river ever since was a baby.”