Arthur Langdon's Historical Photos

My family moved to Studio City November 1941 when I was 2 years old. The then unpaved river was a source of adventure, fish, crayfish, egrets and herons plus firewood, sand and gravel for the family. These were the years of WWII so building materials and commodities were scarce or rationed. I'm told my first two spoken words were "big rock" from of the trips, a very short distance from home to the river bed near the Tujunga Avenue bridge. We really didn't know much about local wildlife in those days, but the river was always a good source to find some critter to scare our second grade teacher at Carpenter school. The family also found a couple of interesting native american artifacts at or near this location.


"Sleeping Frogs" by Patricia Perez


"L.A. River Walk" by Raul Martinez