Lovely Chinatown

We used to go often to Chinatown before a matinee for lunch or for dinner which I preferred. I like the lights at night and all the different Chinese signs and lanterns. We also liked to browse in the store, buying ointments, dried mushrooms, or memorabilia.

Unfortunately, my husband was diagnosed with Alzheimers and we stopped going for a few years. He has since then passed away and I have made friends with other widows. I am sure that we will all very much appreciate a night in Chinatown and a special meal. I am sorry that I don't have pictures to share as it didn't occur to me to take some. The last time we went there was one night , about five years ago, when my brother was visiting us from France and he really liked the evening. Thank you so much.

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My husband and I used to go often to China Town because we loved the food in three or four restaurants in particular. We also looked inside the stores and admired Chinese clothes, dishes, and memorabilia. Unfortunately my husband ...
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