What's your Punk moment?

The first time I tasted freedom and hope as a child in need of hope due to poverty and abuse came through the cable video music station (No, this wasn't MTV--it didn't exist then, I don't think) at 5 AM. It was Siouxsie and the Banshees and their battle cry. My elementary school diet consisted of Stray Cats, Madonna, and Sioux. Then later Sinead. This later led to Riot Grrrl.

Frankly subculture and counter-culture music, politics and philosophies has sustained me all my life, and inspired greatness and goodness--as well as toughness, the type of toughness you need to make it through disappointment, exploitation, heartaches and headaches; all otherwise known as life.

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I'm a social-political vegetarian activist and writer in Texas. I'm an antiquity poet (amongst other things) who loves Archaeology, Womens Studies, Dinosaurs, and Hot-Rods. I am blessed to be part of a family of five: my amaz...
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