Discovering Venice

I had lived in L.A. for a year long ago and ultimately left because I disliked it's Hollywood coating and it's artificial social environment.

It was 20 years later that I came back to visit a friend and was introduced to Venice and fell in love with the area, so much so that I decided to move back to L.A. and live in Venice.

Venice has some relaxed lay back authenticity, it holds a human scale of living simpler. They walk and bicycle most places. They know each other and are grateful for the beach. I discovered SPARC, who has opened it's doors to me and continuously opens it's doors to multi-cultural communities and it's environment breaths an invitation to equality through creativity.

Venice is also a community that is more gentle to the homeless even though it's not enough and we as people should help and claim more from our politicians to assist these roaming souls. I am happy to be living here and am grateful to the artists that kept it alive for so long.


The Nature of Music


Growing Up in Venice