"A Lot of Crazy Things" by Gil P.

Gil P. - A Lot of Crazy Things

I'm a photographer/Los Angeles explorer. I've seen a lot of things by the river and have taken pictures of a lot of things from wildlife, graffiti, people showering in the river, images of paranormal activity, and a lot of crazy thing--trust me.

I focused my attention on the urban part of the river from the 5 freeway to Vernon, and have wandered these parts of the river for the last 6 years. I'm also opposed to the buffing of graffiti in the L.A. River. Not only was generations of art wiped out, but also a lot of our history as a city was lost. There was Hobo and Pachuco Art dating back to the 30's wiped out with one stroke of a paint gun (all with federal stimulus money). I'm glad I got some of the photos probably some of the last proof.


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Hello Gil,
I am a Young Adult Librarian of Los Angeles Public Library. I like your photographs, they are very informative. I received some flyers of KCET for Map contest. At present we are doing summer reading club programs. One of our program is "We were there Drawing contest." June 28, 2011. Would you please be our Judge of that contest? Thank, Ruma.


Hi Ruma,

Thanks for you comment. We can connect you with Gil, just email KCET Departures - kcetdepartures@kcet.org

Yoli Martinez
KCET Community Moderator