"Frog Town" by Kathleen Kimbrough

Kathleen Kimbrough - Frogtown

I was raised in a house on the top of a hill to the West of the river. I had a beautiful view of the river, "Frog Town" and the rail yard day in and day out. Back in the 1960's and 70's the river was devoid of vegetation and there was little running water during the dry months. I loved watching the river change through the seasons.

I remember one very wet winter, when the river was 75% full. The raging torrent of water was full of numerous, huge pumpkins bobbing along on their way to the sea. I enjoyed seeing the whimsical cat faces painted on the metal drain covers and the numerous riders and their horses that would travel down the earthen paths and meander along the river banks.

Nature is reclaiming the river. Where there was only concrete and gravel now reside full growth tree, reeds, birds and a variety of riparian life. I'm delighted to see the interest in preserving and enhancing the river environment.


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