How Will the Bridge Between Cypress Park and Elysian Valley Affect Your Community?

In January of 2013, L.A. Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) approved spending $1 million for the design of a bridge over the L.A. River that would connect the communities of Cypress Park and Elysian Valley.

The bridge, which would cross the river approximately at Dorris Place on the west to the southwest portion of the Rio de los Angeles State Park, would feature a 400-foot shared-use path, split between cyclists and pedestrians, that links the existing Taylor Yard access road to the western bank of the river.

The project has been in the city's books since 1992, when the Metrolink Maintenance Facility was just gearing up for construction, and somehow dodged public review.

A design for the proposed bridgewas unveiled to the public in Elysian Valley in January 2014. The Box Bridge, as it is referred to, is approximately 20 feet wide, with designated lanes for those on foot and bikes. The bridge's bright orange and purple coloring allows the structure to glow and pop against the backdrop of the River water and concrete embankment.

The overall project, including design and construction, is estimated to cost $5.3 million, and will take approximately two years, placing the proposed completion date in 2015.

Some community members have expressed a feeling of being left out of the planning process. Whether intentional or unintentional, this oversight by the Bureau of Engineering and the architects to consult the neighborhood residents may take a concerted effort to remedy.

How will the proposed bridge affect your community? How can the community become part of the planning process? Let us know in the "Response" tab above.


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