"River Paint" by Liz Reday

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Liz Reday - River Paint
"Under the Sixth Street Bridge" by Liz Reday

I paint the historic bridges along the L.A, River, including the colorful ever-changing tribal markings on the bridges, especially Upper Broadway, Spring St. Bridge, 4th & Sixth St. bridge. The small paintings I do right in the river with my boots on- once I saw a naked guy, washing. It reminded me of the Ganges. City workers by the confluence are very friendly and curious & keep and eye out for me. A bunch of hipsters scaled the chain link fence to do a photo shoot. 2 scary looking gang guys asked very nicely if I needed a couple of models and let me photograph them for local color.

"Pipe Across L.A. River" by Liz Reday

My website www.lizreday.com. See L.A. River & bridges paintings at 909 Gallery, 909 El Centro, South Pasadena.


Floods & Frogs in the L.A. River


The Island Recalled