My Rant to the Beats of the Past

I was reading the Holy Barbarians and was inspired to write my own rant. I grew up watching the Beats down on Venice Beach and started wondering what it is to be Beat today. Just for fun, dig?

Trying to be Beat in the 21st Century

Where the MilitaryIndustrialComplex has given birth to the Web
that unites us all with liberty and freedom of expression that makes China cringe

Where we look at Modern Art with Nostalgia and Kerouac On the Road gathers dust on the shelf of a thrift store

Where the hepcats and hepkittens have gray hair and grandchildren who wonder at jazz trapped in vinyl and how we ever lived without games in our phones in our pockets

Where I tap my rant on my own phone with an apple on the back and the Whole World that I keep in my pocket

Where the Venice West is a Starbucks wherein a Rasta Barista makes decaf Frappachinos with white chocolate raspberry hempmilk for tattooed code monkeys who dream digital dreams of android sheep

Where Bird still blows his horse fueled chops in the valley nights,
whispering notes of rebellion in the young ears of sleeping suburban children

Where the seeds of the Beat still move in the hearts of those chosen few who see beyond the hype on the tube and fly above the interwoven lies of the net to seek the truth

The Truth hepcats and hepkittens

The only response, the only defense to the crushing power of media-ocrity is the single boldest act of defiance - the pure sweet act of creation

Blow my Babies, blow Truth into being

Grant Keller 2010©

About the Author

My Mom moved us to Venice in the late 50's and I grew up near Venice and Lincoln. I met my first love in Venice and am still in touch with her. I raised my own family on one of the walkway streets. I remember watching the Beat...


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