Stories from the Community: "Water Under the Bridge"

Each month KCET Departures features a community initiative in which we ask our readers for submissions on a particular topic. So far we've asked for stories about skateboarding, punk rock, and poems for National Poetry Month, to name just a few of our initiatives. We are currently running The Power of Place: Map Your L.A. contest.

Although the deadline for some of the contests have passed and not every month can be dedicated to the art of prose, you can continue to send us your stories--we want to provide an outlet for anyone with an interesting story (or poem) that they'd like to share. Each week we will highlight a story that you may have missed, or that have never been published.

This week we feature The Congregation, one of the winners of the Songs of the L.A. River Project. We recorded a performance of their song "Water Under the Bridge" at our StoryShare event in April. Listen below:

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'Beautiful City of Ugly People' by Tomas


'L.A. Poetry, Riots, & Places I Love' by Adolfo Guzman Lopez