On December 4th, 2010, KCET Departures participated in the opening of the Elysian Valley Pedestrian/Bike Path by holding a StoryShare event to collect people's personal histories and anecdotes related to the Los Angeles River.

How do you use the L.A. River? Tell us in the "Responses" tab above.

Here are the stories collected at our StoryShare event. How do you use the L.A. River? Tell us below.

Raul Gamboa

Aaron Thomas

F. Scott Wilson

Marsha Cifarelli

Liz Reday

Nishith Dhandha

Michael Lehrer

Norman Ludlow

David Zaith

Gil P.

Jesus Gomez

Patricia Perez

Raul Martinez

Susan Rocha

Michael Pisano

David de la Torre

Kathleen Kimborough

Mike Sonksen / Mike the Poet

Steve Appleton

Carol Armstrong

Michelle Mowery

Kevin Break

Erik Alcaraz

Claudia Cruz

Matt Huffman

Alan Dymond

Deborah Weintraub

John Baltz

Reymundo Dominguez

Ferdy Chan

Carlos Rodriguez

Yvonne Bartlebaugh


Jeffrey Tipton

Joe Ibarra

Grove Pashley

Jim Burns

Liebe Gray

Sue Talbot and Jozie

Barbara Monahan Burke

Tom LaBonge

Ryan Griffin and Friends

Arthur Langdon

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What? Councilmember Ed Reyes was not even at the event. And, most of the kids that said they were from Elysian Valley were not.