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Floods & Frogs in the L.A. River

LA River
LA River

Regrettably, I now live out of state and can not come in person...I probably will never be able to see your broadcast. But I hope someone old enough may have similar memories of at least two things about LA River and share them in person.

Born in 1933, I grew up in Atwater and knew the River before it was carpeted with cement. I think it was in 1938 that it seemed the whole neighborhood had gathered near the top edge of the river after a colossal rainstorm. I was in my dad's arms looking down over deep rushing water that seemed almost to be threatening our feet.

The second memory was when I was probably 10, alone, unsupervised, and perfectly safe wading in knee-high water--again before the basin was cemented in--gathering tadpoles for a pond in our rock garden. One evening that summer we were entertained by dozens of young frogs who had matured out of that pond.

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