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River Paint

"Under the Sixth Street Bridge" by Liz Reday
"Under the Sixth Street Bridge" by Liz Reday

I paint the historic bridges along the L.A, River, including the colorful ever-changing tribal markings on the bridges, especially Upper Broadway, Spring St. Bridge, 4th & Sixth St. bridge. The small paintings I do right in the river with my boots on- once I saw a naked guy, washing. It reminded me of the Ganges. City workers by the confluence are very friendly and curious & keep and eye out for me. A bunch of hipsters scaled the chain link fence to do a photo shoot. 2 scary looking gang guys asked very nicely if I needed a couple of models and let me photograph them for local color. My solo show, Paintings of the L.A. River will be at the SoPas Gallery in South Pasadena (part of the Chamber of Commerce) but the opening night is dec. 4th from 5 - 7 PM. Bring your cameras, KCET!


1121 Mission St. South Pasadena. info:626-799-8546. My website More L.A. River & bridges paintings at 909 Gallery, 909 El Centro, South Pasadena.