South Robertson (SORO for short, also known as Pico-Robertson, Beverlywood, Beverly Hills Adjacent, etc.) is an area drawn together from several diverse neighborhoods that emerged organically as Los Angeles grew. New developments sprung up to the west, and as Hollywood became an industry, employees of neighboring studios created a community of like-minded folks in the area. Today, SORO is a community of intersecting faiths, cultures, and neighborhood borders. Businesses for all matter of needs, from bagels to medicinal marijuana, supply the residents and visitors on SORO's larger throughways, from Pico Boulevard, Robertson Boulevard, to La Cienega Boulevard. With the formation of the South Robertson Neighborhoods Council, the communities are both excited and nervous at the new venture of creating a unified neighborhood. Initiatives to beautify the streets, to improve the Robertson business corridor, and to create common spaces are bringing communities together, while making others wonder: Who are my new neighbors? What is your South Robertson story? Which places in the area are important to you, and why? Do you have any stories that relate to the neighborhood? Tell us your South Robertson story in the "Responses" tab above.