Charro Culture - Tomas Carlos And Father

As residents went off to war, college, and greater opportunities, Richland Farms shifted from an agricultural center to an urban equestrian community. The passing down of lessons through generations slowed, and contrary to his father's wishes, Tomas Carlos became an architect instead of a 'Charro'. But when his father fell into a diabetic coma, Tomas began embracing the "Charro" lifestyle. He bought and began racing horses and now joins his father in the Compton's city parade. They now ride proudly together as two true Charros - California style.
Horses Build Community
Richland Farms' community strengthened by common thread of horse culture.
Diabetes & Horse Racing
"It wasn't that I had won, it was that he was proud of something that I had done."
Moving to Richland Farms
"It was very important that we embraced that culture... It gave me an idea of where I came from. You have land, and the land gave you everything you needed."
The Culture of Horses
"You have the equestrian, the Mexican Charro culture, the black cowboy organizations, you have the other riders from the other neighborhoods... that come together as a community. That's big for us here"
The Charro
"You have mom, baseball, and apple pie in the United States, and in Mexico you have Charro's"
"The city code says that you can have five large animals... so you have to follow the law"
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From the South to Compton


Marie Hollis - Longtime Resident

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Thank you KCET for taking the time and interviewing my Father and me...
This documentary will be part of our families history...
You have played a very important part in my Father's life..
My family and I thank you for what you have done..
May you allow GOD to continue to use you,,,
"When the portrait is complete, you will know who the true designer is"....
Tomas Carlos...


Your article and clips were great. It was very creative and thoughful of you to share our family history and most importantly, The Charro Culture with the KCET. I was reminded of what we once were and what we have become.Thank you


Nice story! Members of the community might want to keep an eye out for this upcoming feature documentary about the women's side of charro culture, "Escaramuza: Riding from the Heart," set in another enclave of the SoCal charro lifestyle--Mira Loma (and also at the Pico Rivera sports arena mentioned by Tomas Carlos)--