A Peek Inside: 20 Recent Views of South Robertson

Over the last few weeks, we've been learning a bit about an area of Los Angeles known as South Robertson. What we've found is that unlike other areas that we've explored for Departures, i.e. Chinatown or Little Tokyo, SORO (as it is commonly referred to) is not an easily-defined neighborhood with a clear set of borders. Rather it's a collection of many smaller neighborhoods, each with distinct characteristics -- much like the city of Los Angeles as a whole. From the obscure Castle Heights and Reynier Village to the more well-known Cheviot Hills and Beverlywood, not to mention the large number of Orthodox Jews, Coptic Christian, and western Sikh residents and establishments, SORO is an endlessly fascinating area that's just a little hard to define.

So far we've heard from Doug Fitzsimmons, president of the SORO Neighborhoods Council, and looked at the historic Beverlywood Swim School. As we prepare more stories and interviews with prominent members of the community, let us share a few photographs of what we saw and discovered in South Robertson:

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Photos by Justin Cram, Kelly Simpson, Sarah Silcox, and Ben Bertucci


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