Roy Choi- Kogi BBQ

Taco trucks are well known in Los Angeles, and can typically be found parked adjacent to construction sites by day and social hangouts at night. The recent surge in mobile catering has sparked many unique food experiences like "Kogi". It started when the owner of The Brig on Abbot Kinney Boulevard invited Kogi to serve tacos in the adjacent parking lot. After great reception, Kogi instantly branched out to include four trucks that circulate throughout Los Angeles. But no matter where they are parked, Chef Roy Choi, co-founder of Kogi, feels Venice is home. He refers specifically to the way people stay to eat. Rather than taking food and driving off, people hang around, order, eat, and then order some more.

The Gateway
"The street has always been fantastic, but I think what has happened with Kogi being at the Brig Bar at the corner - the gateway of Abbot Kinney from the east side - it brought attention to that street on a national level and a local level."
"What I love about Venice is the flow. Other parts of the city are really incredible, but Venice has something different... everything is intertwined, like everyone knows each other."
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Really like the walking tour of Abbott Kinney. I used to work on that street when it was Washington Blvd., in an old bank building at the corner of San Juan and Washington. I was a magazine editor. The transformation of the street has been incredible to watch. I also lived on Westminster near Speedway. It's great to know that Roy Choi considers Venice home for his great Kogi trucks. Now I'd like a Kogi taco and a walk down Abbott Kinney.