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ED RUSCHA - Artist

Ed Ruscha - Artist
Ed Ruscha - Artist

The ideals of the post-war years were tested in Los Angeles and so, over a period of ten years, the city built an urban infrastructure found nowhere else in America. L.A's freeway system, modern architecture, city planning, popular culture and art set a template for the city of the future. This newly built environment - a landscape of signs - is what artist Ed Ruscha found when he drove west, at the age of 19, from Oklahoma City. But Ruscha soon realized that behind this fascination for the future lay an underlying tension and contradiction that needed to be chiseled down, word by word, image by image. And so, for the last 50 years, Ruscha's work and study into America's urban landscape have garnered him a reputation as one of the country's preeminent modern artists.

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