Charles Brittin - Photographer: Oakwood, Venice

A quiet documentarian of his time, Charles Brittin photographed Venice in the 1950s and 1960s, leaving an unparalleled record of the social and artistic movements of the era. Though best known for his coverage of the avant-garde and beat scenes, Brittin was nonetheless an acute observer of the racial and economic disparities of the area. His photographs of Oakwood in the 1960s and 1970s show the growing interest in political activism that led him to document the wider civil rights movement in Los Angeles. Photos courtesy of the Getty Research Institute, Charles Brittin Archives.

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Beautiful and touching photos that made me smile.


You are right, Brittin captured the gestures of hope and play in those children - while everything was getting ready for the horrible times of gang war in the 80's.


Like so many places in LA - these photographs seem to be taken somewhere else.


Please note that this wonderful man and talented photographer is still alive in Santa Monica. He has given his photos to the Getty Archives for safe keeping for future generations to enjoy.