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A digital literacy and civic engagement program that invites youth on an exploration of their neighborhood, where they investigate the social, cultural, and political history and take a critical look at the issues facing their community. Students are encouraged and provided opportunities to become leaders and advocates for their community.

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The Youth Voices curriculum, through its nine workshops and supplemental resources, offers students an opportunity to become civically engaged, and gain experience with creative mapping strategies, digital and multimedia tools, and digital publishing.

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The YV Notebook provides the physical structure for the program and guides the students through the three stages of Youth Voices: exploration, investigation, and advocacy. It encourages the participants to think about and engage with their community in new and creative ways.

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The Youth Voices Portal allows students to share their work with their community. The Youth Voices Portal provides a digital platform for the students to upload the content they are creating and their reflections on each stage of the process.

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Partners + Schools

Youth Voices works with educational partners in the communities where Departures is developing a new installment. We work in both traditional and non-traditional classroom settings to offer local youth digital media and civic engagement opportunities.

Education Notes

Mediating between the plan designed for each installment of Youth Voices and the reality of the classroom by reflecting on the process and how it relates to larger social and educational issues.