Mario Delfin Neighborhood Mural

Use your mouse to scroll through and view the mural.

The NELA Riverfront Youth Voices student producers created digital murals of their neighborhood and the places that are meaningful to them. Scroll left and right to see the entire mural. Enjoy!

My VUVOX collage contains three hot spots. One of my hot spots is the Sonia Sotomayor Learning Academies, because I attend ArtLAB at that campus. This is where I go to school to learn and to get a better education. I also learn many art techniques at ArtLAB. It is an important spot around my neighborhood because everything I learn in school I use out in the real world. Another of my hot spots is San Fernando Road because that's the road I take every day to get to school in order for me to be successful in my life. My last hot spot is Patras Burgers because after a long busy day at school you can buy yourself a delicious meal. My favorite part in this activity was creating a wonderful collage using VuVox.


Angie Etienne's Neighborhood Mural


Kimberly Figueroa Neighborhood Mural