Chinatown and Ivan

By Ivan Wu

I was born in Chinatown, Los Angeles and have lived here my whole life. The neighborhood is decent, most people are friendly, however a lot of the old timers are very prejudice to people who aren't Asian. My friends live very close by and they're just walking distances away, so we usually chill at someone's house when we have time. I've compiled some places and people in my neighborhood that makes it unique to me.

A place I would like to be changed is the First Christian Baptist Church area. Over the years the church has grown and expanded. Just last year they bought out an apartment that was in the way of their construction. The tenants had to move even though they didn't want to. I see them as a drain on our community, or something like a benign tumor that is growing a bit too large. It would be nice to see some affordable housing raised up on those plots of land, you know with these times housing is expensive. Perhaps even a recycling plant to encourage the vast amount of people I know and see recycling.

A place that is no longer there would be the BBQ King. The behemoth known as Orsini has torn it down to use as expansion land.

A place that is great to hang out would be good old Alpine Park, but you know as long as your friends are there most places are great.

A place I escape to is my home. Even though it's not always great, it always feels safe at home.

A place where people gather to participate in a shared activity is Chinatown Service Center. Just about every Friday a group of kids from the community come together to discuss about the communities, raise ideas on how to better the community, and learn about community events that they could help out at.

My favorite pad would be my friend Tommy's house because it's relaxing and fun there.

Everyday I see old people or oldish people walking around the block of Alpine Park. It's good to see that the old people are smart enough to know they should be exercising to keep their health up.

My mentor would be my dad because he is always working hard so that I have a place to live.


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