Castelar Elementary School

By Annie Kim: Castelar Elementary School is the only public elemenatary school in the Chinatown area. It is located on College Street, next to Alpine Park. The school is painted red and pink with murals located on the walls. I went to Castelar during my childhood. I interviewed Mr. Choi, the principal of Castelar. It was interesting interviewing Mr. Choi. He said that the school is going to get a new music program so kids can learn to play instruments. Also, the bathrooms are going to be improved on. One other addition is that Castelar is adding more handicap ramps. I learned Castelar is evolving and despite the budget cuts, the school is still improving.

By Tommy Thai: Castelar Elementary School is my other hotspot. It is a school on Yale Street and I went there as a child. I do not remember much about my time at Castelar except the times I would sneak chips inside the school. I interviewed Danee Prasert who works at LACYC. I know her from Chinatown Service Center where she coordinates the youth programs. It was very interesting interviewing her because she knew a lot about Castelar's history.

By Vicki Lau: LA's BEST is a city-wide afterschool program for elementary school students. There is a site at Castelar Elementary School, the only elementary school in Chinatown. I joined LAsBEST when I was in 2nd Grade at Castelar. It was the program's first year there. Even after I moved on to middle school, I still regularly went back to volunteer. To this day, in high school, I am still a volunteer. I interviewed Karla Padilla, the site coordinator of LAsBEST. Back when I was in LAsBEST as a student, she was my drill team coach so I know her very well. It was interesting interviewing Karla because I know her well and it was fun watching her answer my questions. Another interesting thing Karla told us about was her most memorable moment. She described what it was like having a special needs child in the program.


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