Chinatown Service Center

By Joanne Choy: Chinatown Service Center (CSC) is a non-profit organization that serves people who live in Chinatown. The organization focuses on health, employment, housing, and youth services. I am closly connected to CSC as I am a member of the Youth Council. I interviewed Larry Lue, the Chief Executive Officer of Chinatown Service Center who gave an amazing interview and told us about the entire organization and how it serves Chinatown as well as other communities in the San Gabriel Valley. He talked about how Chinatown has changed over the years and how the Chinese New Year parade used to be held at night. I learned a lot from Mr. Lue and thank him for taking the time to be interviewed.

By Helen Luc: Chinatown Service Center (CSC) offers services to those who live in Chinatown. CSC is located on North Hill Street. It is next to Wing Hop Fung, on the second floor of Far East Plaza. The youth center has several offices for the people that work there and space for the youth to utilize. CSC is important to me because it provides tutoring services to students as well as free snacks. A lot of kids go there to do their homework and hang out. I interviewed Vicky Wong. She is in charge of the youth program at CSC. When I interviewed her, I gained a lot of insight in the CSC program. I learned about its importance to the community.

By Ivan Wu: The Chinatown Service Center is a great place to volunteer. I interviewed Bobby Wu, the president of LACYC (Los Angeles Chinatown Youth Center), a youth organization at Chinatown Sevice Center. It was a very informational experience interviewing him.


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