Meet Mabel Chan

I am a student producer for the Departures Chinatown series.This PowerPoint is a visualization activity that expresses who I am using images rather than words. I have done powerpoints in the past, but never one like this. I am really excited and looking forward to learn more about the activities ahead in this Departures Chinatown project. The photos in each of the slides are from the internet.

I live in Chinatown, Los Angeles. The photo on my slide is taken in Central Plaza. I love high heels and walking on the grass barefoot. I cheer for the summer, especially the beach. I'm usually annoyed by the uncleanliness of porta-potties. I care for a healthy heart. I am really concerned about public transportation, especially the Metro Red Line. In my past experiences, I have had encountered many dangerous people on that particular train. Flossing is a must for me, so I make time for it at least once every day. I do not like an unorganized, messy I clean it. I admit I am lousy at NOT spending, but I'm working on it. The last slide is my favorite and what I try very hard to abide daily: Drink at least eight glasses of water and Look at life in a positive way, a glass half full.


Chinatown and Ivan


Chinatown and Thomas