Phoenix Bakery

By Helen Luc

Phoenix Bakery is a well-known bakery that specializes in strawberry birthday cakes and almond cookies. Phoenix Bakery is on North Broadway. In the front of the store, there is a painting of a little boy holding a gift behind his hands with the words "Sweets for the Sweet" displayed across the glass window. Inside the bakery, there are pastries on display and tables and chairs for customers to enjoy their food on. Phoenix Bakery is significant to me because I like to buy their pastries. Whenever there is a birthday in my family, we buy birthday cakes at Phoenix. I think that Phoenix Bakery has the best pastries in Chinatown. I interviewed Kelly Chan, the owner of Phoenix Bakery; his family has owned the bakery since 1938. While I was interviewing Mr. Chan, I was interested in the things he said. I learned about the history of Phoenix Bakery and Mr. Chan's personal opinions on the bakery.


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